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I recently had the pleasure of redesigning a website for a mat-based Pilates instructor, transforming their online presence from a basic Wix website to a sophisticated WordPress platform. By using the client’s existing branding and colours, we ensured a seamless transition that maintained their established identity. The new site, built with the Bricks Builder framework on WordPress, offers enhanced flexibility and functionality, providing a robust foundation for future growth and customidation.

One of the key improvements in this project was optimising the website for SEO. By incorporating best practices and using custom meta fields, we made it easy for the client to update class dates and add blog posts, ensuring the site remains current and engaging. This not only helps in attracting new visitors but also improves the site’s search engine rankings, making it easier for potential clients to find Pilates classes online.

Additionally, the website includes MailChimp integration, allowing visitors to sign up for newsletters seamlessly. This feature helps the instructor keep in touch with clients, providing updates on class schedules, special events, and fitness tips. The combination of these features creates a user-friendly, efficient, and visually appealing website that supports the instructor’s business goals and enhances their connection with clients.

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