Web Usability

Converting Visitors into Customers

Getting websites to rank well in search engines and bringing more visitors is one challenge, but how do we ensure that these visitors translate into sales and enquiries?

DW Multimedia offers a range of services to make enhancements to your website that increase sales and make your website more user friendly.

Conversion optimisation is a method of enhancing and improving your website so that you convert more of your website's visitors into customers.

Using our extensive conversion optimisation experience, our meticulous attention to detail and expert tools, we're able to analyse and monitor the behaviour of visitors to your website and establish what is working and what can be improved.

We work in partnership with clients to understand how their customers are interacting with their websites and use a systematic process of monitoring, testing and fine-tuning to ensure that our customers are getting the most out of their websites. Conversion rate optimisation increases your website's efficiency and makes your marketing budget go further.

Usability Audit

Website Review & Usability Audit

We offer a comprehensive website review service to audit your existing website, examine what's working and what isn't, and make recommendations that will get your website moving in the right direction. We'll sit down with you to listen and understand your goals and then go away and analyse your website, applying our extensive knowledge of web design and development.

Motivate & Encourage

Motivate & Encourage

Whether it's a call to action or encouraging a visitor to make a purchase there are a range of actions that your website can be optimised for:

Subscribing & Memberships
Calls to Action by phone, chat or email

We Maximise Web Usability by Concentrating on these Key Focus Areas

Laptop Coding

Design & Coding

First impressions
Quality of branding and Logos
Use of colour
Quality and use of images
Strength of identity
Use of screen real estate
Usability and navigation
Web browser & device compatibility
Accessibility for text-only browsers
Speed performance

Laptop SEO Audit

SEO Audit

Baseline performance review
Website visibility and rankings
Use of colour
Website relevance
Strength of identity
Website trust
On-page SEO
Competitor analysis

Laptop Coding

Content & Copy

Style and readability
Consistency of message
Link analysis
Calls to action

Laptop Navigation

Navigation Usability

First impressions
Ease of use
Site structure
Strength of identity
Use of navigation conventions
Overall user experience

Laptop Analytics

Website Analytics

Baseline performance review
Bousnce rate
Website performance

Laptop Social GDPR

Social Media & Personal Data

Style and readability
Utilisation and interaction
Website integration
Open Graph support
GDPR compliance