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Logo design and corporate branding

There’s no underestimating the importance of an eye catching, memorable logo for your business or product.

This is even more significant now that corporate identities have transcended tv and print and found a worldwide audience. With online marketing through websites, blogs, video and social media channels a memorable brand is more relevant than ever.

If your are starting a new business you’ll need a professionally designed logo ready for launch. If you already have a logo design that no longer embodies the character of your company or promotes your products accurately, you need to consider rebranding.

Elegant simplicity

The most memorable and effective branding out there is uncomplicated, understated and on the surface, basic. I agree with this philosophy but a simple logo doesn’t have to dull. It needs to be instantly recognisable, memorable but not confuse or bewilder the viewer.

These are all merits found in the most successful corporate brands. What company or product logos instantly spring to mind… Coca Cola®, Nike®, Google® or Apple® maybe?

Love or loathe the companies behind a badge, one can’t help but respect how important powerful branding has been to each respective companys’ recognition and success worldwide. Each of the logos mentioned above can certainly be called straightforward and most use only one colour, but they can’t be labeled simplistic.

I believe that identifying this difference allows yielding a branding portfolio for you that is elegantly simple, not simply sufficient.

I have worked within the broadest gamut of business sectors, supplying logos and online branding to the smallest ‘one-man-band’ companies and the largest national businesses.

I’m able to supply logo designs that meet your needs and your budget. I can work with pre-existing in-house design services. I promise to create branding for you that works just as well on Facebook as it does on a business card or a company letterhead.

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Books & design services

Graphic design services for print

Business Cards, Letterheads, Leaflets, Flyers, Brochures…

I can produce all printed promotional products, supplying your promotional items printed in any quantity needed.

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Design services for the web & beyond

Website logos and icons, animated logos, animated banners for websites. Branded motion graphics for Youtube videos, Facebook page branding. Twitter page branding… All online identities.

I will supply a coherent brand identity that runs through all your print and digital media channels.

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