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OSOI Global is an established legal outsourcing solution based in the UK and India. While OSOI already had an existing WordPress website and branding, they approached us to elevate their online presence and rejuvenate their corporate identity. Teaming up with developers at tsium in Leeds, DW Multimedia was brought in to completely reimagine OSOI’s corporate identity and design aesthetics.

Initially, we focused on refining their logos, branding, colours, and typography, culminating in a comprehensive branding guideline. Next, DWMM undertook website design, creating four different UI prototypes for OSOI to review. Finally, collaborating closely with tsium, we built the website in WordPress using the Bricks Builder framework, allowing us full creative control without being tied to a specific theme or template.

The website build was robust, incorporating custom post types for each section and bespoke meta fields. This setup enables OSOI’s team to effortlessly add, remove, or update content using the standard WordPress dashboard. Additionally, tsium provided hosting services, Cloudflare CDN integration, and managed OSOI’s SMTP email services.

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OSOI Global Website