Video & Motion Graphics

Chellenaire Logo Animation

Video Ident for Energy Clearing Consultants

Working closely with the team at Chellenaire and using the branding created by Whitespace Design Agency, I planned and crafted with an animated video bumper to introduce their videos on YouTube and Social Media. The brief was to embody the nature of the original logo design, the ‘rings’ or ‘hoops’ of live and energies had to be dynamic, encapsulating and inclusive. It was also important to be memorable and recognisable instantly without dragging on and boring the audience with unnecessary time waiting for the video content to begin.
Also, I was tasked with the sound design of the ident/bumper. After¬† discussions with Helen & Claire of Chellenaire on the mood, emotion and direction the audio/music should take, I constructed a decrescendo of harmonies that peaked at the ‘reveal’ of the motion graphics animation and subtly lifted the mood as all things came to rest. The audio ident was created in a variety of tools including Pro Tools, Native Instruments and Logic Pro X.

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