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I recently undertook a branding project for Sue Judge Wholistic Health, a well-being and natural health consultancy serving individuals, groups, and corporations. Having collaborated with Sue for many years, I was eager to help her elevate her brand with a new identity and logo. The goal was to reflect the essence of Sue’s holistic approach, natural wellness focus, and commitment to sustainable health practices.

The design process centred around creating a logo that embodied the energy and natural connections integral to Sue’s practice. Inspired by mycelium, which represents interconnectedness and growth in nature, we chose natural, calming colours and organic shapes to symbolise the wholistic and nurturing nature of her services. This new identity was carried through to business cards and other print materials, ensuring a cohesive and professional look that resonates with Sue’s clients.

By incorporating these elements, we successfully captured the spirit of Sue Judge Wholistic Health. The new branding not only highlights Sue’s expertise and dedication to natural health but also strengthens the connection between her and her clients, providing a visually appealing and meaningful representation of her company’s ethos.

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Sue Judge 

| Wiltshire, UK

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