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Project Description

MIE Medical Research Limited specialises in human performance measurement instruments and software. MIE already had a well established online presence that required a refresh that had to remain intact structurally. DW Multimedia worked with MIE’s previous web content, structure and media to create a page for page recreation of the original website with a new look and using updated technologies such as HTML5, jQuery and a css grid structure that supported a full responsive design. We implemented the new branding that we had previously designed for MIE, provided new graphics, images and media content and streamlined some of the dynamic processes on the website. The MIE website needed to be integrated into the company’s current server technologies which are particularly robust due to the nature of their research. To allow for this we worked very closely with MIE’s software development team to make sure we covered all bases. The new website has been successful in projecting the new image of MIE yet retains the original structure as not to ‘break’ external backlinks to landing pages and effect google page rank scores.

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  • Client:

    MIE Medical Research Limited, Leeds, United Kingdom.