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MIE Medical Corporate Branding

Project Description

MIE Medical Research specialises in human performance monitoring instruments. The Leeds based company has been producing the highest grade measurement and diagnostics equipment to the medical and sports industries for over 30 years. MIE commissioned us to refresh their branding portfolio which would fall in line with the release some new products, most notably FitQuest which we’ve touched upon elsewhere in the portfolio. MIE requested a logo that was a simple one colour design but instantly recognisable and had a timeless quality… a logo that doesn’t follow fashion but looks as good now as it would have looked 30 years ago. The branding also had to be flexible enough to allow it to be easily printed on their products which vary drastically in form and shape. The branding has extended beyond a simple logo design. We have provided business cards, letter heads, branding for trade shows and advertising artwork for periodical publications. In the virtual world, the branding has been implemented on websites, social media, promotional videos and media content channels.

  • Client:

    MIE Medical Research Limited, Leeds, United Kingdom.